Friday, March 16, 2018

The Story Behind the Story

In 2006, I sat on the floor of my living room and started imagining a see-through realm. I took notes of all my bad ideas. And my dog ate my pens.

Over the next years, I wove a story about a twelve-year-old boy whose life is torn apart by see-through beings from another realm. And slowly the story of Echoland took shape.

And though it all started with a philosophical idea, it ended up being a fun story. So now, I'm going to write about the philosophical part. And if you just yawned so much that you almost swallowed your screen (or phone, or whatever), I suggest you move to the ILLUSTRATIONS tab of this blog. Or start reading your copy of THE CRYSTLLERIES OF ECHOLAND.

The philosophical idea behind the story.... 

Plato was a Greek philosopher. He tried to answer a question that troubled the thinkers of the past. When we look at a dog, any dog, we know that we're looking at a dog (not a cat.) But every dog is a little different. I mean, my Pomeranian doesn't look anything like my neighbors Mastiff. Well...not often.

So how do we know a dog's a dog?

Plato invented another plain...a place where the idea of a perfect dog actually exists. The dogs we see here are a reflection, a less than perfect copy. And every dog we see here is less perfect in a different way. Which is why they all look a little different.

Hmmmm....I thought to myself. What if I invented a world that was a reflection of ours, a see-through reflection. And what if that world thought that we were the perfect ones, but they were less than perfect. So what if they called us "Sounds", and they were just "Echoes? And what if they thought that when a Sound dies his Echo should die too?

A story began.

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