Friday, March 16, 2018

Echoland Stories from Readers

The best story I heard from readers was Stone & Journey's. The two twins have the most wonderful mom. Lisa would read to them at night, and this encouraged the 11 year olds to start reading more. And the lovely thing was that Stoney & Journey would use a blow dryer to melt a hole in an imaginary frozen pond, so they could get to Echoland.

Another story I love comes from Spain. My nephew speaks Spanish, Catalan, Hebrew, French and English. He isn't even a teenager yet. So he read the story in English, which I found to be amazing!

Finally, my favorite review of the story came from a 4th grader on Amazon's kids' corner. And he read the book in just a few days.

And finally final, here's my real-life kid, who was the inspiration for Poudini in the story.

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