Saturday, May 11, 2019

Audiobook Reviews on Online Book

Winner of 7 Literary Awards
🌷 TWO MONTHS AGO, I decided to offer the audiobook edition of my teen fantasy, The Crystilleries of Echoland, for reviews on I was hesitant at first. The community of book-lovers seemed focused on actual reading. I wasn't sure if reading with one's ears would appeal to them. Further, if the audiobook edition wasn't to their liking, they might give-up on a book they would have otherwise enjoyed reading.

For one reviewer this is exactly what happened. But for 8 others (so far) the audiobook proved to be a delight. They enjoyed the award-winning narrator I had chosen for the reading. They felt immersed in the unique atmosphere of Echoland. They lived in the story for a while.

🌷 NOW THAT ACX are offering enhanced promo codes for select books, I am thrilled to turn to again. I can't wait to share the codes and hear from more listeners.

Already, with the increase in reviews on Audible, I have seen a spike in sales. I have combined reviews from the Kindle and Audible editions in my Facebook ads, highlighting that many readers and listeners compare the story to the Harry Potter novels. Further, when Online Book Club listeners downloaded the book with a free code, this too counted as a sale.

🌷 THIS COMBINATION OF spontaneous sales and free-book-code sales, together with a rise in reviews, were responsible for why ACX selected The Crystilleries of Echoland to be included in the launch of their generous Enhanced Promo offer of 100 free audible book codes.

If you are an author with a professionally produced audiobook, I highly recommend reaching out to Scott at to find out if you can benefit from interacting with this rich community of book-lovers.

Best of luck to you!


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

🌷 Free for 3 Days 🌷

⭐️ 7 Book Awards ⭐️

The Crystilleries of Echoland is free for the first time. Get your free Kindle edition on Amazon.

“Harry Potter-like world with fantastic feats and beasts, full of mystery and danger.” —Hall Ways Book Blog

“…add a pinch of The Golden Compass, a dash of Narnia and throw in some of Harry Potter…” L. Del on Amazon

“Fans of novels similar to those within the "Harry Potter" series should find enjoyment in reading this one…” C. Foster on Amazon

“If you liked the Harry Potter series, read this!” —A. Lynn on Amazon

“If you love Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia, this will be a book for you…” M. Wilson on Amazon

“If you like the Harry Potter style genre then you will likely enjoy this book..” Dawn on Amazon

“I could make comparisons to Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia, but I feel The Crystilleries of Echoland is in a class of its own.” Mellisy on

“wonderful fantasy novel, comparable to the likes of Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia.” Lesler on

“I am a big Harry Potter fan and felt that this book channeled a similar energy.” Pricklypurple on

“The descriptions…reminded me of the 3rd book of the Harry Potter series.” —Sushan on

“Certain occurrences in the book reminded me of the Harry Potter series.” Shrabastee on
“anyone with a penchant for the world of Harry Potter would find it a fascinating and most enjoyable read.” Kelyn on

“There are some similarities between Harry and William's journeys, but…this book…is altogether unique.” Storm on

“this book reminded me of the Harry Potter series, mixed with a murder mystery.” Arielon

Monday, January 21, 2019

New Cover

I did it for me :-)

I wanted to change the cover, and this image always felt so right to me. The first dream I had about this story involved a girl flying a giant bird. This drawing by Andy Simmons captures the feel of the "Crystilleries of Echoland". It is a children's fantasy with a complex plot, whose theme is woven into everything.

Here's a glimpse of the old cover. As you can see, they are very different indeed.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Forever Here: Poems for Paintings, Number 1

~ My poem, dedicated to Forever Here, by Danielle Richard ~ 

I was inspired to write a poem for the painting, under my pen name, E. L. Neve (award-winning romance author). ~ 

I then composed music on Apple's Garage Band and recorded the poem under my real name, Tal Boldo. You can see more of Ms. Richard's art at