What Readers are Saying:

"In this middle-grade fantasy novel, a young hero must ally with his alter ego in an intricate parallel universe in order to rescue his sister and save his own life. A gripping, if sometimes dark and perplexing, fantasy coming-of-age novel." Kirkus Reviews

"Perfect narration of a magical, mystical journey..." Christine on Audible.

"Great read!! Interesting, unique book, with a world unlike anything I have read before. Pellucid takes readers on a journey through an alternate world that is well-defined, with characters that I found easy to relate to. I enjoyed the story and found myself engrossed to the end. The book was very clean, which is nice for YA fiction." C. Yorgason on Amazon

" think this is a great book. I plan on listening to it again with my kiddos. I think they will both love it. I am truly looking forward to more books by this author. I loved the fact that they used hebrew in the book instead of making up a language as many other tend too... I also personally love the language... Can't Wait For More! Loved it!" Rachel on Amazon

"...No words can explain the emotions I felt while reading this book. It takes me back to wanting to be young again and experience all the things in this book." ~Lisa on Amazon

"As you read along, you can definitely find that race (color) plays a big role in this book." Carmen on Goodreads

"The Crystilleries of Echoland is a hero's journey in a story of strength and courage with a dazzling array of illustrations." ~Elizabeth on Goodreads
"A book me and my children enjoyed. Beautifully written! This story didn't hold back i felt fully emersed loved it. Highly recommend for all ages my middle schooler really enjoyed it as well." MortalsNn on Amazon

"That the reader can feel the chill from every snow a testament to the author's ability to set the scene and immerse her readers. The Crystilleries of Echoland is a complex fantasy tale intended for a "YA" audience, but is one that could be enjoyed across age and gender lines." ~Amazon customer

"There are many twists in the plot, and they all come together at the end to focus on the question of hating someone because of his appearance. And I love that the ending was a really happy ending." Josephine Kerr on Amazon

"Dew Pellucid does a superb job of describing in intricate detail the wondrous world of the crystal clear entertaining read for all ages." ~Stephen on Goodreads
"Filled with adventure, friendship, bravery and mystery, The Crystilleries of Echoland is a page turner up until the final chapter." Amazon customer

"...An exciting fantasy adventure with a murder mystery... The stakes are high with Will's life constantly at risk, but his journey through this world teaches him bravery and true friendship." ~Liz Konkel on Goodreads

"... a beautifully illustrated and well-written fantasy that will warm the hearts of young readers — and old dreamers. My eight-year-old son found delight in reading this with me. ...The prose has a magic of its own, a charm that compels the reader to keep on reading." ~Romuald Dzemo on Readers' Favorite

"Echoland is a place I really enjoyed visiting and I hope to visit again. I will definitely read a sequel to this book." cb on Amazon

"Full of magic and intrigue, love and loss, hope and friendship - there's something for everyone. Sit back and enjoy your time in Echoland where faith and friendship are the cornerstones of one exciting adventure after another! You will not be disappointed!" ~heb on Amazon

"This novel was written with a YA audience in mind, and it delivers. The story is interesting, with good characters. The plot is unique in it's approach and there are enough surprises to keep it interesting. Overall, this is a good read and makes for a solid contribution to the fantasy genre!" ~Jenn F on Amazon

"Amazing and imaginative descriptions of a mirror underground world make The Crystilleries of Echoland by Dew Pellucid a fantastic tale full of adventure and bravery. A tremendous, unique concept!" ~Melinda Hills on Amazon

"One great...Hebrew is the key to saving Echoland. I don’t know Hebrew, but that unique aspect just makes me smile." ~J. Marts on Amazon


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